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A Dream Amongst Stars

Just To say I love You, Father, is simply not enough
So, to be doing Your work is an honor in this calling
And as I make my way in each day, I am so thankful for Jesus
For He watches over and catches me in my falling

There are times though when I crave a silent place
A place where no one other than You can be seen
In a brightly lit vastness we know as space
Where millions and millions of galaxies shine so keen

As I daydream my way into the stars of the way out yonder
I can see so vividly the works of your awesome powers
Amongst the shiny brilliance,  which one is You? I  wonder
And I wonder and wonder through seconds and minutes and hours

All through the night I continued to wonder in my dreams
I wonder could You be the one extending me a smile
That has to be You, Oh Heavenly Father, it seems
Then I awake!  I realize my visit to space was only for awhile

Copyright ©JoyceM. Tremethick  

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